The Liturgical Year

Christianity is often said to emphasize linear time in salvation history. God created the human race, came to humanity's rescue when it fell, and destined it to everlasting glory beyond the end of time. However, at the heart of Christian life is a single kairos or privileged moment, the Paschal mystery which serves as the anchor of the annually recurring celebrations that constitute the church's year of grace. In this annual cycle the mysteries of redemption are rendered effectively present in word and symbolic gesture, and fitted to the cycles of nature. Christ is born with the sun and rises with the vitality of spring time; the world ends with the coming of winter.

This liturgical year has been celebrated with many variations and refinements since the beginnings of the church. Below are resources of the library which can help readers appreciate the liturgical year that tradition offers them, while at the same time alerting them to possibilities for the future.

Handbooks with Sections on the Church Year

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Liturgical Books

Lectionary. (BX 2003 A4).
Sacramentary. (BX 2037 A4)

In addition to the more recent books cataloged in the regular collection, the library has a large collection of older missals, rituals and other liturgical books which are being saved and prepared for scholarly use


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    Pius Parsch, an Augustinian Canon in a monastery in Austria, was a pioneer in the liturgical movement in the first part of this century. This series of books did more than any other to make the riches of the church year known to English-speaking Catholics.
  • Pascher, Josef. Das Liturgische Jahr. Munich: Hueber, 1963. (BQT 4199 P38)
    An excellent guide to the liturgical year as it had developed up to the time of Vatican II.
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    Articles by various Catholic experts, some of them on the liturgical year.
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Bibliographic Guides

  • Archiv für Liturgiewissenschaft, published by Maria Laach. The first issue of each year contains a literary survey.
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