Library of Congress Classification by Floor

Top floor, starting at the west end, near the photocopier:

A: General Works AC Theses and Dissertations
B: Philosophy B History of Philosophy
Psychology BC Logic
Religion BD Metaphysics
  BF Psychology
  BH Aesthetics
  BJ Ethics
  BL Religion
  BM Judaism
  BQ Buddhism
  BR Christianity
  BS Bible and Exegesis
  BT Doctrinal Theology
  BV Practical Theology


Second floor, starting at the west end:

  BX Denominations and Sects
C-F: History C History - Auxiliary Subjects
  D History
  E-F American History
G-L: Social Sciences G Geography and Anthropology
  H Social Science
  J Political Science
  K Law
  KBU Canon Law
L: Education L Education


Lowest floor:

M: Music M Music
N: Fine Arts N Fine Arts
P: Language and Literature PA Latin and Greek
  PQ Romance Literatures
  PR English Literature
  PS American Literture
  PT Scandinavian, German and Dutch Literatures
  PZ Older Fiction, Children's Literature
Q-V: Science Q Science
  R Medicine
  S Agricultural Sciences
  T Technology and Aeronautics
  U Military Science
  V Naval Science
Z: Bibliography Z Bibliography