American Civil War

A Guide to Resources Available at the Mount Angel Abbey Library

Updated, January, 2010

Mount Angel Abbey Library has an outstanding collection of Civil War materials, thanks to the dedication of Abbot Bonaventure Zerr, OSB, who was for many years the acquisitions librarian and was very interested in the Civil War. We understand that our Library has one of the largest collections of books on the Civil War in the United States, and that it is one of the largest such collections west of the Mississippi River - over 2500 books. We are glad to share the depth of the collection with those who can benefit from it.

Almost all of the Civil War books are in the main stacks. However, some old and fragile books are in the rare book collection, so they can be used in the library, but cannot be checked out.



Atlases, Dictionaries and Encyclopedias

Selected Books

Listed here are some of the books from recommend list for the topic of American Civil War in The Best Books For Academic Libraries, Vol. 4 (Temecula, CA: Best Books, Inc., 2002). In general, these are the latest and best books on the subject. All the books listed here are in the Abbey Library. They are arranged in the Library of Congress Classification order:

E 441 - E 442 Slavery in General

E 446 - E 448 History of Slavery

E 449 General Works, 1830-1869

E 450 - E 453 Special Topics

E 457 Lincoln
  • Donald, David Herbert. Lincoln. New York: Simon & Schuster, c1995.
  • Lincon, Abraham. Collected Works. New Brunswick, N.J.: Rutgers University Press, 1953-55.

E 458 - E 459 Political History, 1861-1865

E 464 Civil War:Collections

E 467 Civil War:Biography

E 468 General Histories

E 470 - E 480 Military Operations

E 482 - E 489 Confederate States of America
E 491 - E 586 Armies

E 591 Naval History

E 609 Press

E 611 - E 655 Special Topics

Web-based / Internet Resources

Civil War

A very broad-based website about the Civil War, ranging from Civil War Official Records to individual personnel to interactive maps to pictures. Also includes a wide range of links to other Civil War related sites.

Blue and Gray Education Society
"Blue and Gray Education Society's mission is to reveal our past for our future through facilitating the study and understanding of the American Civil War." This website emphasizes preservation of Civil War sites.

George Tyler Moore Center for the Study of the Civil War
A list of numerous websites for Civil War sites.

George and Anne Richards Civil War Era Center

Links to numerous Civil War-era institutes and resources.