Books of Hours - Selected Books

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The Belles Heures of Jean, Duke of Berry. New York : G. Braziller, 1974.

Donovan, Claire. The de Brailes Hours : Shaping the Book of Hours in Thirteenth-Century Oxford. Toronto: University of Toronto, 1991.

Grassi, Giovannino de'. The Visconti Hours. New York : George Braziller, 1972.

The Hours of Catherine of Cleves. New York : George Braziller, 1966.

Marmion, Simon. Book of Hours : Illuminations. San Marino, Ca : Huntington Library, 1976.

Marrow, James H. The Hours of Simon de Varie. Malibu : J. Paul Getty Museum, 1994.

Pierce, Christina L. Devotion by Design: an Analysis of MS. 67, a Fifteenth-century Flemish Book of Hours from Mt. Angel Abbey, Oregon. M.A. Thesis, 1990.

Rohan Master. The Rohan Master : a Book of Hours. New York : George Braziller, 1973.

Wieck, Roger S. Painted Prayers : the Book of Hours in Medieval and Renaissance Art. New York : George Braziller, 1997.

Wieck, Roger S. Time Sanctified : the Book of Hours in Medieval Art and Life. New York : George Braziller, 2001.