News Archive - April 2008

Brother Benedict Eberle, OSB  


Br. Benedict was born in 1915, only about a mile from the monastery in which he lived out his many years as a monk. He was one of four children in his family to become Benedictines - two sisters who entered Queen of Angels Monastery in the town of Mt. Angel, and one

of his brothers, who together with himself,

entered Mount Angel Abbey. The son of another

of his brothers was late to become Abbot of

Mount Angel, Abbot Peter. Prior to entering the Abbey Br. Benedict - the Jake Eberle - served

his country in the Army Air Force for three

years, spending 21 months in England during World War II. After his military service he

worked for some seven years in his family's gorcery store in Mt. Angel before entering the

monastery. It was in 1953 that he made his first profession of vows and received the name Benedict. After serving in various secretarial and bookkeeping assignments, in 1966 Br. Benedict  was given responsibility for the management of the Abbey bookstore and gift shop in the guesthouse, and thousands are the guests who will remember this gentle monk during the several decades of his service there. May he rest forever in the peace of Christ. Thank you for remenbering Br. Benedict in your charitable prayers.